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Board Maintenance

Timber is a strong and visually pleasing natural resource that we hand split to produce unusual shapes and interesting variations from a natural product.

Wooden items are hardwearing but will last longer and look beautiful with some love and attention.

Maintenance after daily use

  • Wash your board under a warm running tap finishing with hot water.

  • Try not to leave the board soaking in water as it may absorb water and could cause warping.

  • Do not store your wooden items in extreme temperatures, or areas where the temperature can fluctuate massively.

  • Never was your boards in any dishwasher.


Maintenance after cutting foods

Raw Meat

If you have cut raw meat it is best to use warm water followed by hot water washing as you go with a cloth or sponge.

Once dried you can rub salt into the grain which will help kill any bacteria.

Raw Fish

If your board has been used for raw fish it is best to use cold running water with a cloth or sponge.  Do not use hot water first as this will embed the fish smell into the grain.

Once dried you can rub salt into the grain which will help kill any bacteria.

Foods with strong odours

If you have used your board for smoked fish or meats, onions, garlic, herbs or other

items with a strong odour which has absorbed into the grain, wash with warm water

followed by hot water. If the odour is still present then apply some lemon juice or

distilled vinegar and wash off with warm water.

Regular maintenance

You can periodically apply your favourite food oil to the board taking into consideration allergies and taster of stronger flavoured oils possibly tainting your food. This should be done as often as the board looks dry. By treating your board with oil you can prolong its life and help keep it looking at its best.

If one of our wooden items is purchased as more of an occasional use item then good practice Is to follow the above guidelines but when storing apply a coat of  food safe mineral based oil. This is a thinner oil and unlike standard kitchen oils will not go rancid (this does not apply to boards used every day as standard oil will get absorbed and washed away with regular use)

Safe use of your board

Timber is a natural resource and will still occasionally move. This is a natural development of the wood and does not reflect on the choice of timber or the methods used in its creation.

If you are using  boards for chopping or cutting and a small wobble develops then try a chef’s trick of placing a folded tea towel or oven cloth under the board to stabilise and prevent movement.