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A review of 2017

2017 started full of enthusiasm and passion for creating and selling, Having high hopes to build upon our first few years selling  of what we enjoy making the best. We had a lesser than expected event early March in London. From there on things have not gone to plan.

Discovering my Father was terminally ill in June put a hold on on making or creative thinking, With his eventual demise in July, I have been coming to term with the situation which you nay think is pretty normal stuff any person has to deal with,  However  we are talking about a highly skilled engineer who left me his life time collection of tools and machines, again sounds very fair being his only son. But what most will not realize and slightly under estimated by my self that 63 years worth of engineering mixed with nearly 40 years of woodworking tools does not fit into one smallish workshop in Caerleon.

So with new workshop sourced more than twice the size, the mammoth task of lorry and cranes, many hours of driving,  pallet trucks, packing creates and all the relevant joys not too mention hard work of moving took place. ( Thanks to the few that helped ) Eventually everything got to one place at the beginning of November. (O yes did I mention having a stint in hospital with Blood poisoning in the middle of all that)

So know the slightly less daunting task of organizing the new space  begins, sourcing 3 phase generator and hopefully getting back to fully operational in early 2018.

More news to follow on project commissions and our on site makers outlet we have called Handmade in the Forest not quite open yet, but will be open 6 days a week.

So my final paragraph is one of apologies for any body expecting to see me at events of which some we never booked and some we had to cancel, and for the one or two people I never got too contacting, as I am sure you are aware a one man operation with the sort of year I have had can take it toll on you  and hopefully I can be forgive for for poor response times.I wish you all a Happy Christmas and  a Happy New year